In a Nutshell... What is GO- VENTURES AND PROJECTS?

A Division of the GO MVP Network

We maximize the great number of resources, contacts and over 15 years of experience and commit them to great ideas or business plans, which will allow them to turn a great concept into an actual business model. Then we take it to the next level.

We also have created a "BANK" of business plans, ventures, and projects, that are ready to be presented to investors, potential partners, other agencies or major players within specific industries. The "bank" is composed with projects of our own, and projects from our clients.

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    Let's Make it Happen

    Turning an idea into an executable business plan.

    There is not such a thing as a bad idea, there are bad executions. Our job is to make sure the business plan is created perfectly, so the execution process and the initial steps are taken correctly. We provide all the right resources to secure that.


    A Solid Business Plan Equals Cash.

    It is just a matter of securing the right investor or partner.

    We understand the value of a great idea, is in the end what makes our company successful. If we believe in your idea, is because we know it will become a great business opportunity. We help you make your business idea an appealing opportunity to invest on.



    We only work on projects we firmly believe to be successful.

    A Profitable Idea

    We make sure the good idea if executed the right way can become a profitable business.

    Not Just a Dream

    We separate the great dream from the ideal business platform and have them meet in the middle.

    The Right Formula

    Protecting your idea, we assist with marketing and project development.

    Getting Started

    No longer a dream, let's make it real.

    The Right Path

    We generate the right Steps to follow.

    Intellectual Property Lock

    Protecting your idea and your business legally and financially.

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