Our System

How do we operate under every possible approach.

About GO Ventures and Projects and Our System

First of all it is very important to understand who is behind the scenes that will be dealing with your most precious idea or your investment. GO MVP (Marketing Ventures Projects) is the result of a multi-agency / multi-company network into a single entity. There is over 15 years of experience in the Marketing and Project Development Industry, and we are proud to say we have built a very strong entity and reputation by means of executing flawless projects.

GO MVP has six different Operating Units: GO Tools (A department exclusively designed to assist existing or emerging companies with internal communication systems, project management systems and CRM Systems), GO Ventures (A Division that JUST deals with new business ventures or projects), GO Marketing (Traditional Marketing Services), GO Social (Social Media, Apps and Digital solutions for business), GO In-Store (A division exclusively dedicated to provide effective marketing and communication solutions at the points of sale) and GO Sports (The Division of our network that ONLY deals with Sports Marketing and is one of the results of our Ventures Department).

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    This is how we operate

    There are two approaches and 5 scenarios for each approach. The two approaches are if you are a client or you are an investor.


    Approach What we do
    In Need to Develop a Business Plan We evaluate your concept, define how likely it is to become a solid business opportunity and if we agree on terms we develop a complete business plan, and a proposal for further steps.
    In Need to execute an existing business plan We evaluate your existing Business Plan. If it meets our criteria, and if we agree on the terms of our involvement, we proceed to execute the steps to get your business started.
    In need of capital or an operational partner. We evaluate your business plan, your financial needs, and the best profile of potential partners or investors. If we agree on the terms, we proceed to attempt to secure funding.
    In need of a marketing strategy or agency services. We will offer you all the services from our Marketing branch.
    In need of management and operation assistance. We will offer you all the services from our Tools and Operation branch.


    Approach What we do
    Seeking Investment Opportunities We evaluate your terms and the profile of potential partner, beneficiary or creditor. Based on that we define potential matches.
    In Need to Develop a Business Model We evaluate your existing Business Plan. If it meets our criteria, and if we agree on the terms of our involvement, we proceed to execute the business model you are seeking.
    Exploring to Acquire an Existing Business Model or Business Taking into account the type of investment you are looking for, along with the terms and profiles of potential businesses, we create a solid list of matches that may best fit you.
    Exploring to Partner Up with GO We have a full bank of projects, business models and potential deals that might be interesting for you. Based on your profile we define what terms can be beneficial for GO MVP and for you.
    In need to review an existing business plan, or re-create your current strategy. We will offer you all the services from our Marketing branch, in case we need to work on any aspects of the marketing and communication tools. If it only requires our review we will work on a pre-defined fee.

    For Creative / Consulting / Strategic / Project Development requirements we charge based on the rates defined by our other departments unless we define a fully packaged price.
    For securing financial resources we charge 5% of the funds secured or a flat fee of $5000 USD depending on the profile of the project.
    For investors seeking business opportunities or new ventures, a fee will be defined upon our initial meeting.